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Mar 7, 2019Dreams + Goals

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We all have one – the story that either moves us forward or the one that gets in the way like a big boulder.

It doesn’t matter how great or how terrible your life was up to this point – we all have that one tale – the one that keeps repeating itself over and over again of why:

  • We can’t have nice things
  • We won’t be successful
  • We can’t find happiness
  • We won’t follow our dreams
  • We can’t be who we are

Each of us has an internal narrative – a story about who we are and our place and purpose in the world. And anytime we want to create change in our life, the story gets in the way because the story contains a lot of limitations, conflict or negativity which makes it difficult to know where and how to create change.

Here’s the thing however, it doesn’t have to be that way.

I know from experience how what I kept telling myself was also the reason I kept rejecting everything I’ve wanted in life – from relationships and my career.

And I am so excited to have teamed up Paul McKinley to help you create an amazing and lasting change in your life on April 27th, 2019.

During the workshop you will

  • Identify your current life story
  • Examine how it is supporting your life or creating dysfunction
  • Transform your story through forgiveness
  • The true meaning of forgiveness
  • The benefits of forgiving quickly and easily, no matter the cause
  • Techniques to use to forgive quickly and easily
  • How to cherish past experiences – even ones that weren’t very enjoyable
  • How to build a new perspective on your identity
  • Learn how to develop, nurture, and achieve your goals and dreams
  • Rewrite your story for success!

You can sing up for the Early Bird price TODAY and secure your spot as spots are limited for this one day workshop.


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