One of my first thoughts when I started blogging was what length the articles, blog posts or reports be? One of the important aspects is that size actually does matter on the internet because not all length fit each publication and you may run into it being too long or too short. And that can lead to losing visitors, traffic, sales and customers.

And working with clients I see it all the time, their blog posts are barely 150 words and at a minimum you will want to aim for 300 words because the search engines want to be able to see the value. In general articles are about 200 words, blog posts 300-1000 and reports are 1,000-2,000 words.

An article is supposed to be a quick readable piece of text that solves a simple problem. If you wrote your article over 400 words it’s either a ran or a detailed manual. There are some article websites that will accept articles as low as 250 words or as long as 2,000 words but the best range is 400 to 600 words. If you want to do this on a regular basis than getting the word count closer to 40 is best so you have more time to write.

Blog posts are a bit different even though I mentioned that at a minimum you will want to write 300 words on a post, but you have more freedom and control writing on your blog. Sometimes it’s just a simple list of bullet points or a few paragraphs so that you can get the attention fo the reader faster.

Blog posts an be longer as well – in in some ways having a mix of different length of blog posts is ideal for the search engines to do their thing but also to give a variety of information to your readers. My blog post range anywhere from 300 to 2000 words – depending on the topic.

Writing a report is a bit different because they are meant to give more detailed information and a minimum of 1000 words is best and you could save them as a PDF file to then share to your email list.

I will caution that people don’t want to read reports that are 50+ pages because they are looking for the step-by-step plan within the report.

So when you are writing web content, it matters what length the articles blog posts or reports are so that they are easily found on the internet and accepted by other websites.

Petra Monaco

Petra Monaco

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Author + Artist, a Goal Coach + Business Strategist. Petra helps freedom-seeking Rebels + Creatives to follow their intuition, embrace who they are while they taking action towards their dreams + goals - whether it’s writing a book, starting a business or just focusing on personal goals. Petra uses her personal story to inspire and motivate people into doing the work they need to do to create change because she believes that your excuses are just avoidance. You can have the cake and eat it too if you're willing to show up for it!
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