Weekly Newsletter – Why I tell my clients to write

There’s a reason why I tell my clients to write!

I hope you had an amazing week! I am back to walking (almost) every day now that my health is much improved. It’s helpful that we’ve had some really nice (out of the norm) weather here in Virginia. I do fear that we are going to get a whammy before spring officially arrives but that’s the season. This is a screenshot from a conversation I had with my client because I keep telling her to write things down or to keep a journal to process her thoughts.

And this is something I absolutely stand by because when you write things down, you are creating space in your mind and allowing for things to process, even get some new ideas.

Some of the things I’ve asked her to do are…

  • every day write down 10 ideas that could be a blog post – this can be repurposed for videos on social media posts
  • When feeling fear – state the fear such as “I fear success” and then repeatedly ask why until that proverbial a-ha 

These are just two examples but there are definitely more. Taking the time to release things gives you the space to create order with your thoughts and feelings. So many times we feel like it’s just utter chaos and in a world that’s so darn noisy, you can quiet things for yourself. 

Journaling isn’t for everyone but telling my clients to write is creating the space for them to tap into their own inner wisdom – making space for self-guidance.

And for me, it helps me to continually remind myself to stay focused on my own path and in my own lane.  

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