There’s More Than One Way To Create A New Life For Yourself

When we talk about creating a new life, we often refer to the proactive steps we take to carve out new paths, be that through things like leaving an ill-fitting career or pursuing additional training. In each instance, while you are creating something, creativity in its most basic form (e.g. sitting down at an easel with a paintbrush in hand) doesn’t necessarily feature.

Create A New Life For Yourself
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But that’s not to say that creativity in this more traditional sense can’t also impact our life choices. After all, our greatest artistic minds have been telling us for years that the very act of creation can also make a huge difference in how we approach daily challenges. This is why things like adult coloring have become so popular, and it’s also why you would likely benefit from pursuing some kind of creative outlet with the following undeniable lifestyle pluses in mind. 

# 1 – The confidence to challenge norms

Art is often about challenging societal norms or expectations. This can especially be seen when we consider notable artistic figures like the odds-defying female artists highlighted by Frederica Wald, or the historically-lasting impact of movement-creating figures like Picasso. And, along this same vein, immersing yourself in creativity could free you to step outside the boxes that you’ve put in place for your life. If you’re musical, then this kind of break with the norm can involve using new equipment like a Singular Sound BeatBuddy to create new building blocks for your compositions.  The increased ability to envision new outlooks may especially lead you towards careers that you’ve always been told aren’t realistic, or even cutting-edge ideas for your own business or another pursuit that can finally lead you towards the lifestyle that you’ve always struggled to achieve. 

Create A New Life For Yourself
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# 2 – Exercising new ways of thinking

Regular creative practices are also thought to enhance the problem-solving parts of our brain. As well as providing us with a crucial skill with which to approach any lifestyle challenge, this benefit can arm us with a range of new and easily won skills that can help increase our chances of finding a good job, performing well within that role, and ultimately achieving the success that we dream of. Even better, all of this is made possible not by confined time sitting behind a desk or in front of a screen (as can be the norm with much modern learning), but by stepping out into the real world and opening our eyes, and hopefully our minds in turn. 

# 3 – Finally seeing the bigger picture

Often, our compartmentalized outlooks mean that our home lives suffer when we start to flourish at work, and vice versa. However, creative pursuits that require you to look at the whole picture to ensure the best possible outcomes can help you alter this sectional approach. As well as ensuring that you’re painting the best picture, this skill can increase your chances of creating a truly satisfying lifestyle that meets your needs in every single area at any given time.

Creativity can be freeing, and it can also help to create a new life you’ve been longing for if you take the time to bear in mind these benefits every time that you reach for those paints!

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Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

She is here to help you remove frustration from your life and achieve your creative dreams with more ease and confidence.

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