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Aug 30, 2019Habits

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I like the occasional quotes to help energize me. But the question is: what is the power of quotes and how does it improve your life? Some may say that in fact, it can change your thought patterns and therefore influence your behavior, which then leads to a change in your life.

In some instances, when you believe it to be simple, then you can handle it with ease. And yet, if you believe something to be difficult, it will, in fact, become a struggle. When you want to change a specific behavior, it’s important to not justify why it cannot be done and come up with all the reasons of remaining the same.

I mean what if you wake up one morning and decide to go back to school. And you tell yourself that when things get difficult, you’ll just push through it instead. It’ll be hard but I am going to try anyway.

Guess what’s going to happen? You are going to struggle constantly because you’ve already got a thought pattern and belief in place that will sabotage your success. It can be difficult to see but here are a few thoughts on this:

  • “When things get difficult.” – you’re already setting it up to be difficult.
  • “It’ll be hard…” – you’re assuming it will be difficult
  • “…but I’m going to give it a try.” – but there’s only do. Period.

And of course, being human things can and will be challenging but there are a few things that could help you along the way.

The power of quotes will influence your thinking!

Change your way of thinking. Your thoughts are like a movie that tells you how easy or difficult something is. Choose the one that will help you lead to success.

Choose a word you want to focus on for that day, week or month that supports your goal. Make the word relatable to the change you are wanting such as attitude, focus or action.

Explore the Internet for positive quotes that speak to you and as they relate to your goal. Choose quotes that are short and to the point an

The quotes need to be powerful enough in order to change your thought patterns. Your mind will tell you which one this is and it will very much fell like “Yes. This is one.”

  • “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” Buddha
  • “The only way to discover the limits of the possible, is to go beyond them into them impossible.” Arthur C. Clarke
  • “It’s not what you achieve in the end that matters, it’s who you become in the process.” Author Unknown

Something you can do is to print or write the quotes and have them with you at all times so you can read them at any given moment or journal about them to help you reinforce a new thought and belief.

There’s more to achieving a goal and changing your thought patterns but it will be helpful as doubt and fear come into your peripheral. You will want to practice patience and keep going. Everything takes a little bit of time.

Anytime I teach a workshop about self-management and introduce a new tool, I remind everyone that we have to give things try for 2-3 weeks to see if we really like this new tool and if it helps in our lives.

Don’t underestimate the power of quotes and how they can help you achieve your dreams + goals in life and business.

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