Self-doubt stops you from moving forward

Sep 9, 2020Mindset

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Self-doubt stops you from moving forward because it sabotages us in our tracks when we are wanting to turn our dreams into reality. Self-doubt is that little bugger whispering to you all the reasons why you can’t follow your dream. But what’s worse is not even trying.

Self-Sabotage is fear that fuels all the ‘what-ifs’ and focus on what could go wrong instead of what could go right and the feelings we want to achieve.

Allowing yourself to stay focused on your self-doubts and fears won’t allow yourself to envision your dream. When we set out towards a goal it isn’t the money or the vacation we are chasing but the feeling we want to achieve.
We want to feel confident, successful, courageous, secure and free.

Not trying only gives you thoughts about what you are lacking and what is frustrating you in your life right now.
Setbacks are normal and they are an elemental part of our own growth and allow us to reevaluate what has or hasn’t worked as we take steps towards our dream.

But what is worse than a setback is not even bothering to take a step at all. What you are doing is denying yourself to know what you are truly capable of.

So, let’s get unstuck from self-doubt and embrace fear and know we will come out with a better and stronger person in the end.

  1. Create a mind map of your dream or goal.
  2. Create all the actions it will take to get to your dream or goal. Brainstorm all the possibilities without censoring yourself.
  3. Prioritize your actions steps and give each of them a deadline.
  4. Breakdown each action step even further. The smaller the task, the easier it is completed.
  5. Give yourself a high five for each completed task and reward yourself with each action that has been completed.

Want to really get some clarity, a plan of action and tools to help you stop the self-doubt from getting in the way?


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