Rebel Incubator Questions Answered!

Jun 15, 2022Productivity

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Rebel Incubator Questions Answered because you could be wondering about this!

Here’s the thing, this isn’t about adding anything extra into your schedule but getting a bit more strategic about your time and doing the things that need to get done.

Anytime I have a clear path of what I am doing every day and carve out the time for the tasks that will help me achieve my goal, I make so much more progress than I could imagine.

Now do that for 90-days and think about what you could achieve that has been hanging over your head while still managing all the things in life and business. This is why the planning and coaching sessions also are a big part because together we can sort out what will work for you!

But if you ever needed a sign to:

  • Write your book that has been swirling in your head
  • Get your Degree that you’ve been putting off
  • Launch a new business or side hustle you’ve been thinking about
  • Get consistent with your marketing because you know that will help you grow your business
  • Write copy for a new offer or website or maybe do a makeover that you’ve been holding off on
  • Stop hiding and commit to your art and share it with the world

Rebel Incubator Questions Answered

When you join the Rebel Incubator you are getting serious about your goals and you are ready to commit to it and show up for it!

I know it can be challenging for creatives and multi-passionates to follow routine and strategy but I also know you will get it done strategically with the right plan for you and a community that’s behind you!

What is the Rebel Incubator?

This is my 3-months goal-setting, goal-getting mastermind. We kick it off with a planning session on July 12 using the “MyRebel Goals” Workbook.

There will be weekly coaching and co-working sessions where we dismantle the excuses, remove the overwhelm, get things done, and walk away with confidence.

Days will be alternating Tuesdays and Thursdays and times will be 11 am or 1 pm EST. My hope is that you are able to attend them, but in the case, you cannot there is a section inside the Rebel Incubator that allows for questions and such so that you can get the support you want, need, and deserve. I will also be answering your questions on the calls. All calls are recorded!

How much does it cost?

You can access the 90-Day Rebel Incubator for an investment of $99. Or you can choose the VIP offer which comes with weekly 1:1 support for $149!

What is the time commitment?

We have 24 hours in the day and how you plan those can make all the difference in the world. Whatever you have on your schedule now, can be used inside the Rebel Incubator and help you actually sit down in the chair and do the work!

If you are spending it to write your book, record video or audio, create art, take care of administration tasks – whatever it is, be strategic with your time and watch yourself get closer to your goal.

What’s with the Daily Accountability?

This is for you to log in, and share what you will get done every day. My recommendation is to choose 3-5 Most Important Tasks and aim for at least 3 things for the day to help you feel successful.

When I share what I do every day, I have been getting so much more done. When you do it as a group, it’s really powerful to support one another achieve the goals we have set!

Who is this for?

This is for you if you have ideas that you’ve not acted on!
This is for you if you have so much on your to-do list but can’t focus!
This is for you if you are done putting things off!

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