Patterns are meant to be broken pt. 1

Last week, I told you about a time that I let self doubt ruin a great opportunity for me. I can agree that everything happens for a reason, but sometimes it’s not so easy to sort it out and really understand those reasons. The worst part is realizing that you may be the toxic one.

Taking accountability for our actions can be a very uncomfortable time. You go through so many notions. It’s like you are just meeting yourself for the first time and you can’t quite figure this person out. The good news is, once you get past this, you have the ability to make the uphill climb. You’ve already made it past the toughest part, so it would only make since to work towards a better future.

We don’t have to live in a never-ending loop of destruction. I once heard that you only need three things in life. Those three things were: people to love, something to do and something to look forward to. I really agreed with this concept, especially the part where we need something to look forward to. By setting goals for ourselves, and giving ourselves permission to dream we create a purpose for every day. Sounds kinda cheesy, huh? Have you actually tried it though?

It only takes minutes to make a list of goals. The fun part is making those goals happen! Set realistic time frames and throw out expectations, because they never helped anyone. Instead set standards, but remember that we are humans. Mistakes happen. Things don’t go the way you imagined they would, ever. It’s okay to not have control all the time; it’s life’s way of giving you direction. Listen to the people who take time out of their day to help you. They gave some thought to your well-being and that shouldn’t be ignored. As long as you have these things in mind and that list of goals, you are set!

Happiness starts within. It can’t be found, bought, or transferred. We have to create it for ourselves. Setting goals to grow as a person is only one small step towards self-love, but it’s a crucial step. If you are feeling like you’re at rock bottom you always have a choice to surface again and be happy. It’s your choice and only your choice to make.

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My name is Breanna Kay, and I recently just joined The Rebels Den as a new columnist. Writing is basically my life, and I love using the things I write to reach out to people! I'm the vocalist of an upcoming death metal project called Mutiny Ascending, and I'm embarking on a journey to lose weight and transform my life. The Rebels Den is built on helping people succeed, so I'm writing this column to help people get past the road blocks on their journey! Come check out the Beauty in the Broken Days. Let me know what you think, or reach out! I will do my best to respond in a timely manner.

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