5 truths about weight loss for women

Weight loss is a common goal amongst the female population. We’ve been cursed with a stigma about our bodies and provided a perception of how we should look. I’ll just go ahead and say, if you’re only worried about appearance, you will find reaching your goals extremely difficult. In this article I’m providing five truths about weight loss as a guide to help you along the way, and let you know what you can expect from the experience. 

1. If you’re losing weight fast, you’re doing it wrong. 

I’m mostly speaking to those trying to lose 50+ lbs here. The biggest issue most people face is not eating enough. Yes, it’s true that you need to create a deficit to lose weight, but if you’re only eating 500-900 calories a day, you’re only going to hurt yourself.

The best place to start is finding your BMR (basic metabolic rate). Assuming you do little to no activity, this is the number of calories you need to maintain your current weight. There are all kinds of online tools and you can also get this information at most local gyms, or even at your doctor’s office.

From there, you can create your deficit, and keep in mind that the addition of exercise increases that deficit. Crash diets and certain fad diets can lead to unhealthy habits that can turn into eating disorders.

At the very least, your body will eventually reach a breaking point where you will end up binging on unhealthy foods. This will eliminate any progress you’ve made and in most cases, this leads to a period of depression. If you’re losing weight the right way, it will take several weeks to adjust to the eating habit and increase of activity.

Make sure you are taking care of yourself throughout the process. Treat yourself to hot baths, good sleep and stretch often. These things will be lifesavers and get you over the hump. From there you will start to feel the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, and it will be intoxicating! 


2. Forget the numbers! 

You. Will. Make. Yourself. Crazy. Looking. At. The. Scale. 

It’s okay to weigh yourself every once in a while, but don’t make it a habit. Weekly weighins are the quickest way to discouragement. Don’t do that to yourself. Depending on your workouts, you could gain weight in muscle and this often leads people to believe they’re unsuccessful with their progress. Ever since I ditched the scale I’ve been so much happier! I set goals such as: increasing weight lifting reps, or decreasing the time it takes me to run a mile.

These are non-scale victories and they are way more rewarding than a number will ever be! Weigh yourself out of the blue when it’s been more than a month and you’ve been crushing those NSV’s. That’s when the numbers will really give that boost! 

3. Weight loss is a mental roller coaster ride. 

Sorry ladies… It’s true. You will occasionally have moments in this journey where you’re a complete basket case. We all have real stresses going on in our lives and your new diet and exercise routine will really throw your anxiety in overdrive.

I have always felt like this was a true test of my will power, and these ups and downs are where most women slip up. There are some mental health exercises that help get you through these difficult times. One is reading or writing. These two activities take your focus off of the issues and can even help you better find the solutions you need. Also, writing a positive affirmation each day can give you a much needed confidence boost that will keep you feeling strong even in your most stressful moments.

Another thing that helps is setting up a daily plan. Small goals are always important and it doesn’t have to be all about your weight loss these goals can be for anything you wish to achieve that day. Having that game plan will give you peace of mind. The most important thing is making sure you get that workout in! You’re not always going to want to go to the gym. The days when you have to force yourself to go, are the MOST important! When you finish that workout you will feel like you’re on top of the world!

Also know that you’re going to slip up on your diet and that it is okay. Don’t try to fast or double up on workouts to make up for it, just simply get back on track and don’t beat yourself up! 

4. Body changes take many forms

In short, you can expect your time of the month to be messed up. It is possible that your cycle will start earlier some months, or that it will different than what you’re used to. This issue usually resolves itself, but going to see a doctor can’t hurt just to put your mind at ease.

Just remember that weight loss puts a lot of stress on the body. It isn’t always going to feel good. If you are strength training, you will have days of feeling sore. It’s a good thing, as it means that you a building muscle and your body is burning calories even while you rest. This is when those hot baths and a good heating pad come in handy! 

5. It has to be a lifestyle change

You can’t get to your goal and expect to go back to your old ways. You’ll only end up back where you started. Do your research on how to maintain your goal weight and continue a healthy exercise routine to keep your body in good shape. Remember that there are tons of benefits to this other than your appearance.

Keeping up with these changes means better heart health, decreased chance of heart disease, or diabetes, and it helps to maintain good mental and overall physical health. Once you get to your goal don’t stop working to live your best life! 

These are just my personal tips! Feel free to ask any questions or provide your feedback or tips in the comments. Thanks for taking the time to read this post! 

Until next time!! 

Breanna Kay ❤

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