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Jan 1, 2022Dreams + Goals

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Another year has come and gone and it’s time for 2022 goals! feel like every year I get closer to something – but never sure what that something is. I think the life  I spend some time going to My Rebel Goals to do a review and set some new goals as well. There is strong research that supports the regular review and goal setting leads to more success!

It’s also quite good to make this public for accountability!


  • Create 2 new Wood-Burning Tutorials a month
  • Work on Guitar Cut out Wood-Burning that will be a special gift
  • Learn the Cricut and make things
  • Create 2 Crochet Patterns a month
  • Make art that excites me and brings me joy


  • Get healthier – already in progress 
  • Get more active – already in progress 
  • Complete 2022 Miles – I signed up for a challenge
    • Miles will be achieved through running, rowing, and hiking
  • Hike once a month – I live by the Blue Ridge Parkway plenty of trails to choose from!
  • Annual Physical


  • Get  wills done
  • Spend time with kid/grandkids


  • Declutter things we don’t need or use
  • Renovate each room
    • Bathrooms (2)
    • Bedrooms (3)
    • Kitchen
    • Living Room
    • Dining Room
  • Paint House exterior
  • Clean up property – prep to be rented out
  • Search and find a home with acreage


  • Donate Animal Art to Wildlife Center for Auction
  • Donate to Urea Cycle Foundation


  • Increase networth to $X
  • Set up Profit First
  • Reduce Debt


  • Camping at the Beach
  • Dino Park with the grandkids
  • Camping Trip with my partner
  • Metal in the Mountains Music Festival (I’m a sponsor)
  • Iron Maiden Concert in October
  • Breaking Benjamin Concert


  • Review funnels + update as needed for current offers
  • Sign up as a Vendor at Markets + Festivals to sell Art
  • Create monthly workshops and courses for Rebel Incubator
  • Weekly YouTube Video + grow subscribers
  • 2 Bundle events – 2 Giveaway events to grow email list
  • Grow the Pyrography Academy
  • Kick off the Crochet Academy
  • Grow Rebel Handmade + launch Membership
  • Grow Rebel Incubator to 100 members
  • Work with 100 clients one-on-one in 2022
  • Map out 2022 Content – already done

What are your 2022 goals? Comment below or come into the community to share!


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