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Mar 4, 2021Support

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Leaning on your support network during times of transition or stress can be a great form of therapy. Seeking assistance doesn’t always have to involve professionals or experts. Sometimes the best helpers of all are those people who are closest to you. 

Reasons Support Is Often Lacking

Sometimes we get into a pattern of depending on only ourselves. There are lots of reasons for this. Society repeatedly tells us we should pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. It’s easy to think that we should solve all our problems on our own and simply put on an outward appearance of being put together. In addition, today’s communities tend to be spread out. We may not have family nearby or be close with our neighbors. Perhaps you don’t belong to a community like a church or sports team. It can be hard to find the ones who will help you through the dark times. 

About Your Support Network

A support network can be made up of nearly anyone. Brainstorm a list of people who might be willing to lend a hand when you’re in need. Then write next to each name the strengths this person holds. Perhaps your favorite aunt has a great sense of humor. She might be the perfect person to reach out to when you’re feeling sad and need a laugh. If you do feel you’re lacking such supportive people in your life, your brainstorming list can be about ways to find such folks. Maybe you could take a class on something you’ve always wanted to learn or join a group of like-minded people pursuing a particular hobby or social cause. Everyone needs to feel supported by people who get them. Your support network is made up of your particular people. Choose ones who lift you up. 

Benefits of a Support Network

There are tons of benefits to be gained by forming a support network. One of the biggest is simply a listening ear. Sometimes you just need someone who will understand and hear you when you’re down. Another benefit is actual physical support. For example, you may need help moving if you get a new job in a different town. Having a group of folks you can turn to when you can’t do a task on your own provides tremendous peace of mind. A social outlet is also a basic human need that can become your support network. Being able to call a friend to hang out with is a comfort we all need. 

Don’t go through the hard times alone, if you can help it. Reaching out to your support network isn’t that difficult and offers so many benefits. Any problem seems fixable when you have people to help you along the way. 


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