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Jul 29, 2022Coaching

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Every month I share with you what you find inside Life Tips to Go. It’s a low-cost membership with tidbits to help you navigate this life through a weekly podcast, daily inspirational emails, and weekly how I do it posts.

Inside the Monday Morning Podcast, I’ve shared

  • Halfway through the year
  • Let’s chat about expectations
  • On Doing Things Differently
  • Sometimes life causes hiccups

And inside the “This is how I do it”, I’ve shared

  • How to set a weekly action plan
  • How I write my blog content
  • How do I know what needs to be done + schedule it
  • On making changes to the schedule
  • How I come up with email content

You can comment and let me know your thoughts and start a discussion with those inside Life Tip’s To Go!

The plan is also for you to be able to Ask Petra Anything Anytime – and get your questions answered inside the “This is how I do it” section. I will post my responses by Friday of the week.

Life Tips To go saves you time and helps you figure out how to get where you want to go through the Monday Morning Coffee Podcast, daily life tips in your inbox, and the ability to ask me any kind of questions (anonymous) and have them answered through the how do I do it lessons.

As a reminder, this is what’s Inside Life Tips To Go

So you can start your day feeling inspired, gaining clarity, and begin living a life with a purpose by your design

  • A private Monday Morning Coffee Podcast with a message from my soul to yours
  • Ask me questions anonymously and have them answered for everyone that may have the same question
  • This is how I do it released on Fridays where I share with you how I get things done
  • Daily Life Tips in your Inbox so you can get your day started with a little inspiration

Want to learn more or join?

Click here! 


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