In the Spotlight: KPCreativemedia

This year I made it my mission to spotlight members in my community and today I am going to shine the light on Kim Parkinson from KPCreativemedia!

She is a podcast producer, strategist, agency owner, and chicken tender! She loves to share podcasting with the world and she is on a mission to help womxn get out there and be heard! Podcasting is powerful and getting in front of the right audience can grow your business all over the world. She wants you to get heard in 2023!

Kim’s work is behind the scenes where she helps the womxn entrepreneur get their messages out to the world. Whether that’s helping them with their strategy to organize their thoughts with their CTA’s or editing, producing, and creating the social assets for them to get the podcast into the world, she’s here to help and guide them so they can be their best.

I love her path simply because she started by teaching crafty classes to women in shops and online. She owned my own brick-and-mortar and had to leave it after burnout. Immediately after that closure, her family was thrown into a terrible situation with her niece’s untimely death. She was in charge of making all the necessary arrangements and holding her family together. Which left her taking on a corporate job to make ends meet. Despite her hate for it, she prioritized her family.  When the pandemic hit, she decided that starting a business again was the path for her. There’s something about owning your own business and she loved it so much before and made it her mission to do it better this time.  After taking a long look inside and at her resume, it struck me one day as she was listening to a podcast that that is what she wanted to do. Her husband is a musician and she had the tools necessary plus a great ear for sound, coupled with lots of marketing and strategy knowledge that her path presented itself. 

Kim gets her inspiration from her creative side. Years of teaching people to play with paint, ink, paper, and stamps really helps her stay in that creative zone.

Her favorite source of inspiration are the linear lines of houses. But also, the outside. She enjoys spending time outside with her chickens, watching the hierarchy in the flock and how it’s ever-changing.

She admits that the last year was a struggle and felt like she didn’t have her act together and that she really struggled with terrible imposter syndrome, she felt like she was ‘acting’ like a podcast producer. Questioning if she really knows what she was doing and how to help others. It has taken a few mindset coaches and some personal reflection to realize that she, yes indeed always had it – and that learning to trust herself was just what she needed to do!

She is a Self-projected Projector and is super driven by her own needs. She pulls from the men in her family as they help keep her going. While her ‘boys’ are grown, they still respect her and her dreams and goals. Showing them that it’s possible to do anything is a huge driving force for her.

Who hasn’t faced one? During this last year, she had some tough moments. She had a client take advantage of her, they were paying me pennies for my work and when I finally decided to make a break from the relationship, they followed it up with a slew of chargebacks. While she did provide evidence she did the work, her bank sided with the client. It was a huge blow to her self-esteem, her business, and just her, personally. It actually was a call to a lawyer to find out the rights that helped get her out of the funk. @kpcreativemedia on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok

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