How To Research Your Articles And Blog Posts

Jun 7, 2019Tips'n'Tools

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Have you ever sat down to write a blog post or an article but you aren’t really sure what to write about or maybe you do but need some supporting information to make your point?

How do you research these articles and blog posts?

  • Go to your competitors
  • Look for questions on forums,
  • Examine your own products
  • Find 3 reputable sources

Something that can be helpful is to do research and see what other people write about on a particular subject. You might think that you are checking out these competitors to figure out if you can write on something that has never been discussed before, but you are in fact doing the opposite.

You are in fact trying to see how you can write it better and/or with a different spin. Someone may have written about a specific diet and you don’t really believe in that diet and you could write about the why that diet is not good and then back it up with sources.

The next thing I would do is take a quick look at your local forum. This should be a forum in the same niche, so if you were writing about a dietn you would look in a Nutrition forum. Don’t look at the actual posts, instead examine the titles of each forum thread and see what questions or what topics seem to come up over and over again.

Once more, if you see that there are a lot of discussion board posts about how to get healthier, then you now have not only thought of the idea for your article, but you have now discovered that there is a demand for it that others want to know this information, they want your opinion on this subject.

Finally, when you are finishing that article or blog post of your own, look at your own products or look at what products you already promote as an affiliate that way you can have a nice transition from your article or blog post into some kind of an offer.

For example, if you a nutrition plan you believe in as an affiliate and you are teaching how to achieve long-term diet success instead of a quick fix solution.

Once you have done your research, go on the internet and find some sources that you could cite and give your article or blog post credibility. Something I learned in college is to have the same information from three reputable sources.

I will caution you, do not copy someone’s blog post or take the information from the forum post. You want your articles and posts to be with your voice and your words.


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