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Jun 1, 2022Rebel Shine Summit

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Something I’ve become more and more passionate about over the last two years is helping people get unstuck in life and business. It can be so challenging to know life can be different but really not sure where to begin. Life can be really good through small doable changes.

And through that journey, I’ve found that I love helping creatives, multi-passionates, and the rebels do the same. That is, to help you get clear and unstuck so you can live your life and build a business by your own design.

There are so many ways to achieve the same outcome but none of them are cookie-cutter strategies. While we can always find similarities, we are all still so very different and what will work for one person, will not work for another.

That’s why I’m so excited to bring this free 8-day event to you! I have connected with some amazing people in this world doing important work to help you get unstuck in life and business.

Rebel Shine Summit Speakers

You can learn absolutely everything you’d ever want to know about the summit over here, but as a quick overview:

  • The summit will run from June 13 through June 24
  • Each day will have amazing speakers who are ready to help you get unstuck
  • Be sure to leave your questions and insights in the comments!
  • You can attend the summit absolutely free, but you can choose to grab the Early Bird Pricing for the Rebel Shine All-Access Pass now so you don’t have to wait.

The Rebel Shine All-Access Pass will give you an all-access pass to the summit with all the videos and the workbook. It is currently being offered at a special price, and it will disappear for good once the summit is over, so start thinking about it now!

Are you excited?! (I sure am!)

Head over to this link to learn more and grab your free ticket.

I can’t wait to kick this thing off!


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