I’m a big fan of Divi from Elegant themes and prefer to build any website using this theme. I am excited that the release of Divi 4.0 now absolutely gives you total control over your website, allowing you to build custom headers, footers, category pages, product templates, blog post templates, 404 pages and more.

Divi is a WordPress theme and as with any theme creator, the challenge is to stay competitive and of course in business. They have stepped up by taking their time to develop the update versionof Divi 4.0 with these new features. I remember when you could only build a Divi Website on the backend – and was thrilled when they released the feature to design it with the visual builder on the front-end. There’s something really cool about seeing your design come to life.

And let’s be honest, there are ton of WordPress themes available but their customization has a few things lacking when you’re not familiar with coding on the backend – and Divi just makes the designing a tad bit easier.

Check out what Nick Roach’s has to say about it!

The Rebels Den uses elegant themes Extra theme – but my art business uses Divi and a few of my clients whose websites I have built also use Divi – simply because I can be creative and customize it specifically with them in mind – which makes this new release even more exciting in my opinion.

The Theme Builder that came with Divi 4.0 Release allows you to build your site beyond the content of the page, beyond the “main content” of any web design – and as someone who loves to help their people get started with a web presence, this is a dream.

Beyond the release, I love the community behind elegant themes and Divi because there are a ton of resources available to create the website of your liking and fitting your personality.

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