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Aug 1, 2022Business

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Instead of focusing on daily money-making activities, you need to be joining the newest social media network, and do the latest marketing trend.

Nope. That is incorrect!

The thing about social media networks and trends, well they come and go and it’s pretty easy to get sucked into doing them when you are working hard to get ahead.

You could, of course, keep throwing spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks and changes all the things but let’s be honest, it would just leave you stuck, overwhelmed, and struggling. And that is not why you started your business.

What if you could get clear on that one task that matters to you, that helps you focus on the daily money-making activities that would help move your business forward?

They used to tell me to do

  • Livestream every day
  • post in Facebook groups 3-5 a day
  • Email Every day
  • Every course needs to be video-based
  • Blog once a week

None of which felt good or aligned with me and I struggled hard before I decided to just do my business however I wanted with the strategies that suited me best:

  • Podcast weekly
  • Focus on my own community
  • Email 2-3 times a week
  • Audio and text-based courses
  • Blog 3 times a week

You don’t have to run your business like everyone else. You can indeed make it up as you go but I am a big fan of planning and then executing the said plan! I believe there are a million ways to Rome, but there is one that you choose on how to get there. And that same applies to business as there are a million different tasks you could do every day, but let’s be honest, not every task results in money in the bank.

A business is started with the intention of making money, to be profitable, so why would you choose tasks that don’t help with that? It comes down to identifying and prioritizing which tasks generate money and which do not. And I am not saying that the non-money tasks aren’t important because in some ways they are too, but at the end of the day, money in the bank matters.

And as I’ve hinted at already, activities will look different for each business owner and the Daily Money Making Activities Planner will help you do just that while you also get to focus on your big dreams while creating action steps you can complete every day.

Inside the daily money-making activities, you will

  • Step 1: Decide Which Activities Make Your Unique Business Boom
  • Step 2: Map Out Your Next (Major) Money-making Offer
  • Step 3: Craft Memorable, Must-Click Emails
  • Step 4: Create Compelling Content that Draws People Into Your Programs
  • Step 5: Create or Tweak an Existing Sales Page to Skyrocket Conversions
  • Step 6: Follow Up Frequently & Consistently Land New Clients (& Cash!)

Use this 64-page planner and worksheet to determine exactly what you need to be focusing on every day to start seeing the results you’ve been striving for.

Get the Planner

Do it yourself and get the planner only or choose the Planner + 7-Day Unlimited Volley Coaching to get support while you plan things out.

The Planner + 7-Day Unlimited Volley Coaching is great for those that want to bounce off ideas, get feedback and have someone who can ask questions to sort things out.


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