Create Customer Personas Based on The Buying Journey

Once you get to know your competition and customers, it’s time to create customer personas. The process of developing customer personas will help you develop targeted products, services, and content that resonates with your audience. To create your customer personas or avatars, follow these steps.

Identify Their Goals and Values

Just like you and your business have principles, morals, and values for which you stand, so do your customers. The customers you choose must share a moral center similar to yours. Not everyone has to be exactly the same as you.

Find Out Where They Get Their Information

Where people get their information to help them make choices is very important. Knowing what is important to them in terms of sources and other information can help you more fully develop your customer persona or client avatar. For example, if they like hanging out on an online magazine community area, that informs you that you may want to advertise there.

Know Their Place in Their Buying Journey

A buying journey is simply the steps that the customer takes to work their way through your information and offers to finally make a purchase. In most cases, they first become aware they have a problem, then consider and evaluate the solutions. Once they do that, they make a purchase, then afterward, their journey continues as a customer into the delight and, eventually, the advocacy phase.

Determine Their Demographics

An important bit of information about each of your customers is their demographics. Understanding who your customers are can assist in product design, and customer service offers, and so much more. The demographics of your ideal audience is essential for helping you figure out how to create the most targeted marketing methods.

List Their Pain Points and Challenges

As you study your audience, notice the things they talk about that are keeping them up at night as it relates to your expertise and niche. These are the pain points you need to try to solve for them. You can back up and choose an early pain point or challenge to address in your freebie that is right before these meaningful solutions for their major problems too.

List Potential Objections

The other thing you may want to include in your customer persona is their typical objections. This will help you answer those objections in your sales pages and include them in your products and services.

When you know your customers, you’ll be able to figure out the best places to market and advertise, what types of ads will get a response, the type of tone you should use, the words or vocabulary you should incorporate, and it’ll help you develop a cohesive story to use in your marketing campaigns. Set your goals, choose the persona you want to communicate to, and laser target your content based on that information.

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