Abundance is more than wealth

Aug 19, 2020Abundance

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Abundance is more than wealth because it is many things and can mean different things to each person. It is the internal belief that, regardless of your circumstances, situation, or skills, you are always provided for in every area of your life.

Real abundance is the physical manifestation of your true nature and how we are showing up in our world. It shows ups as:

  • Love of family
  • Support from friend
  • An unexpected gift
  • New friends
  • A helping hand from a stranger
  • Renewed energy and better health
  • New opportunities to move you closer to your vision
  • And sometimes cash

Abundance includes financial wealth, but it also includes having a rich, healthy, and fulfilling life, while living each day with purpose and passion.

  • Financial or Material. This can mean anything from having peace of mind that your bills are always paid to having actual financial wealth with unlimited funds. It can mean you are abundant in possessions such as homes, autos, jewelry, furniture, or other material things.
  • Personal Development. Being abundant in your personal development can mean different things. It can be an abundance of confidence in your abilities, skills, opportunities. It can be an abundance in learning and growing to be your best self. It means being fulfilled in personal enrichment activities you enjoy. 
  • Spiritual. An abundance of spirituality means feeling a connection to your higher self often through your religious or spiritual practice. It’s an abundance of pursuing what you believe in and being comfortable in that.
  • Relationships. The variety of relationships you have that contributes to your happiness can include friends and coworkers. It can be loving relationships with family and loved ones. You can have an abundance of relationships in every area of your life. 
  • Health. Having a health abundance starts with treating your body with love and respect by eating healthy foods, regular exercise, and physical exams. It means being at your healthiest level, free from disease and unhealthy habits. 
  • Purpose. Although our career is often what we consider our purpose in life, it can also be what we feel our purpose is in being here. You can have an abundance of purpose by fulfilling it through your job, spiritual work, volunteering, or in other ways.
  • Natural abundance. Abundance can be found all around you. It is in the sky above you, the moon, the stars the oceans, the animals. It is the trees, the water, land you walk upon. 

Abundance is being able to recognize the riches of everything in your life, loving yourself, taking care of your health, and doing what you are passionate about. Abundance is about feeling loved and loving others, about feeling peaceful and free. 

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