A Support Network Can Be Helpful

One way a support network can be helpful is for accountability. They help you to check yourself when you backslide on your goals. So if you’re working hard to stop complaining, your closest supporters can play a crucial role in making it happen. Let’s take a look at how it can work.

The people in your life are important for so many reasons. Those among our inner circle provide us with support, encouragement, and love. You probably don’t realize just what a positive impact the people you choose to surround yourself with have on your life.

About Support Networks

A support network isn’t a formal type of structure, as in a support group or meeting. It’s more a social construct made up of your closest friends, family, colleagues, and peers. Anyone you see or are in contact with on a regular basis and whom you consider to be important to you in a positive way can be among this group of people. These folks can come into your life in various circumstances. Their meaning to you and your interactions with them can vary. The common factor between those within your network is that they are supportive to you emotionally or in other ways.

Examples of These Individuals

You might call your core group of three or four friends to arrange a time to hangout after a long, stressful week. Perhaps you give your sister a call when you’re experiencing difficult personal issues. Even a colleague can make up your support network and provide a bit of a buffer when things are crazy at work. Many people find supportive people among their extra-curricular activities such as church, the gym or an organized club. The examples are countless.

How They Can Help

Having a support network can give you a real sense of security and belonging, knowing you’re not alone in the world and that there are people who are ready to help when times get hard. This aspect alone is quite powerful and can contribute to your levels of contentment. Your support network can also help you along the way toward reaching that place. They can provide you with the accountability you need to reach all of the smaller objectives you have on your path. One of those objectives is likely to cut down on your complaining. Let people within your network know about this plan. Tell them they can assist you by gently nudging you when they hear you complain. Quite often, we don’t even notice our bad habits. A reminder from someone we trust can set us back on track.

Never underestimate the importance of positive group work a how a support network can be helpful. These people can mean the world when you’re struggling, and they can set you on the right course when you get a little lost.

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