9 Steps to handle your money!

There’s never enough money.
I live from paycheck to paycheck.
I wish I could manage my money just a little better!

Does this sound like you?

Let me tell you, it is incredibly difficult when you are trying to make ends meet and have no idea how to even save one single dollar. I’ve been there, barely surviving, feeding a family of 6 for just $10 a day. It’s not fun.

And let’s add that I was quite of bit in debt that had consumed my mind. I couldn’t get a credit card let alone buy a car. But as a special needs mom to a medical fragile child that had weekly, and sometimes daily apointments a car was a necessity.

I made the decision that debt will no longer hold me back from my dreams and that I will oversee my debt. But that meant I had a lot of work ahead of me and as a creative who heard over and over again you couldn’t make it as an artist, I had to rise to the challenge.

My animal hats came to the rescue and I found myself crocheting 10 hats a day for the local community but also wholesale. I ended up selling enough hats that removed 3 items from my credit report.

I experienced a little bit of a setback due to life but never lost the notion I will oversee my debt rather than my debt oversee me.

I began working part-time and began calculating money coming in and money going out. I shopped with coupons and started meal planning to help with the grocery bill. I removed some of the fun things I like to do and put money aside to send off. I am no longer in that space due to the work I put in. And it requires work and commitment.

But just how am I making all of this happening?

It begins with a single piece of paper and a pen and once you know what your financial picture looks like that are some apps out there for your, phone to help you keep on track.

  1. You needed to list all the incoming money.
  2. You need to list all the bills that need to be paid every month.
  3. You need to deduct the bill amount from the incoming money.

What is left, if there is any can be used towards a bill that is looming on your credit report. What if there is no money left?

You simply continue to follow the steps each month. You then evaluate some of the items you are paying for and evaluate their necessity.
How important is that lunch you are not preparing yourself or the coffee you are buying? Or that music subscription?

But if you can eliminate some of those unnecessary extras, you will soon realize that you have money to pay towards your debt – even if it’s only $15 a month because why?

Because you are trying and that counts. And it won’t be like this forever.

After a while, the debt will be paid and you are left with one less collection on your credit report and just a little bit more money in your pocket.

9 Steps to handle your money!

  1. Make a date with your budget – make time to evaluate your finances
  2. Write down all income and current expenses and outstanding debt in 3 columns
  3. Calculate income – expense = money left over
  4. Make a meal plan and a shopping list and pay attention to money you spent in the grocery store
  5. Be open to purchase off brands that may be cheaper, coupon whenever you can
  6. Repeat this process monthly or semi-monthly
  7. Pay the minimum of $15 towards any debt or save it to pay a bigger sum
  8. It can be challenging but keep it up and you will soon notice that you have more money
  9. Find your process and believe you soon will have money for fun things in life

I prefer using pen and paper because it really drives home what money I have coming in and what money is going out. I’m a thinker and I am always analyzing.

About the author

Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

She is here to help you remove frustration from your life and achieve your creative dreams with more ease and confidence.