5 Ways You Sabotage Your Dreams

Sep 12, 2019Dreams + Goals

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You have dreams + goals you would love to achieve. You even made a list at the beginning of the year and maybe even for this lifetime. But you are spinning your wheels because what you’ve done behind the scenes is to sabotage your own success.

Instead of focusing on the things you can you may even have told yourself that your dreams + goals sound nice but that people like yourself could never achieve them. I’m going to share some insight on how you sabotage yourself so you can tackle this head-on.

1. You think you have to learn all the things before you can start

Sometimes this is also known as failure to launch because we believe we have to learn all the things in such detail that we never get started. Prime example, my fiction novel. I thought and believed that I needed to get a degree in writing to get started. Which in fact isn’t accurate.

I can write that novel now without any credentials in writing – sure a degree could possibly help but there are plenty of other resources that aren’t as lengthy or costly when it comes to learning how to improve your writing.

2. You are listening to other people on what you ought to do

Not only are you listening to your own ego, which tells you to play it safe but you keep listening to other people on what you ought to do with your life.

Getting out of that comfort zone on your own is super challenging because sure some part of us wants that approval but if that is why you’re not doing your thing, you’ll never going to achieve it. At some point, you have to ditch that – heal your wounds – and leap into action based on what you want to do.

3. You question who you are on going after your dream

Who the hell am I do go after my dream? I know this one. There are these stories we tell ourselves and come up with all the reasons why we can’t or even mock ourselves to think who the heck we are to go after our dreams + goals.

But why the heck not? I absolutely believe that ideas + dreams come to you for a reason because the universe believes you are the one to make them happen. All you have to do now is believe it yourself.

4. You don’t have a mindset routine

Having a mindset routine will help you create focus and feel confident in going after your dreams. But this routine is so much more than mantras and affirmations. It’s about writing down what you want, how you are going to get there and what you believe to be true right here right now in the present – even if it’s in the future. Instead of “one day…”, write “I am…”

It’s also challenging your own thoughts, to find the false truth you’ve been hanging onto and allowing yourself to see where it comes from so you can heal those moments. Some wounds from our past have indeed impacted us but they don’t have to dictate your future.

5. You don’t believe you are good enough

You are ENOUGH. All the other four points feed into this.

  • You don’t get started because you don’t believe you are good enough.
  • You listen to other people because you don’t think you are good enough.
  • You don’t go after the dreams the universe brings to you because you don’t believe you are good enough.
  • You don’t have a mindset routine because you don’t believe you are good enough.

But the truth is that you are indeed enough, right here – right now. So instead of the continued self-sabotage, you actually decided to ditch the bullshit stories you tell yourself and put yourself out there a bit.

The only way to improve and get better at what we want to create is by doing. There is no other way around it.

  • Confidence is built by doing!
  • Being and feeling like you are enough is by doing!
  • Eliminating doubts and fears is done by doing!

All of this can feel intimidating to do on your own. But the good news is it doesn’t have to be there way. Work with me for a period of time and let’s smash the sabotage and get into the action.


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