4 Positive Behaviors To Model Around Your Kids

If you are already a parent, you know how tough the job can sometimes be. You must do chores, run errands, attend to your needs, and raise your kids. And while there are many best-selling parenting books, every experience is unique and may not be helpful in certain circumstances. One effective way to teach kids good behaviors is to model them. And you can raise your kids to be honest, loving, and intelligent grown-ups by leading by example. Below are positive behaviors to pass on to your kids. 

Positive Behaviors
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  • Avoid emotional reactions 

Emotional reactions are normal and may feel relieving at the moment. However, your feelings often prevent you from making informed decisions. Anger, for example, could lead you to say something you don’t mean, damaging your relationship with others. And sometimes, an apology would not be enough to mend things. Staying calm in stressful situations will teach your kids how to do the same in similar moments. If you are caught in the moment wanting to respond in a fury, learn to step away until you can manage your emotions. 

  • Make healthy choices

Your acts, whether good or terrible, leave a lasting impact on your children. For instance, if your kids see you overindulging in activities such as drinking or smoking, even to cope with stress, they might assume it is okay and are more likely to do the same. Bad hygiene choices like not showering for too long and not brushing or flossing are also things to avoid. Instead, you can indulge once in a while on special occasions and schedule regular visits with your family dentist to teach them the importance of taking care of your body. 

  • Show interest in each other’s day

Accepting people for who they are is a sign of genuine friendliness and a way to build healthy relationships. You can show interest in your kids’ day by maintaining eye contact, asking them smart questions, and truly listening to them as they tell you about their recent exploits. Outside the home, like at a playdate, they would repeat this behavior, helping them make friends. And they would not have problems building crucial connections in the future. This also boosts their self-esteem and confidence, making them feel appreciated. Consequently, it will be easier for them to respond positively to your ideas, suggestions, and opinions.

Positive Behaviors
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  • Be kind to others

Kindness is a great quality to have; no matter your kid’s age, you can teach them. You can model this by volunteering in your community or donating things you no longer need to others who might find a use for them. This teaches your young ones how to share and be empathetic toward others. Your kindness will also remind your children to be considerate of others in society. 

Setting good examples doesn’t mean being perfect. After all, nobody is. However, you can strive to do your best, starting with the tips above. These behaviors and skills will be useful in their adulthood, and you should teach them than having them learn them later in life.

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