100 Ways to feel Confident

Jul 23, 2020Success

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Today is all about finding ways to feel confident because way too many times, we doubt ourselves and frankly doubt is the NUMBER ONE killer of all dreams!

Alright, let’s do this!

  1. Write out what confidence means to you
  2. Brush your teeth and wash your face to feel fresh!
  3. Make a list of your achievements
  4. Clean and declutter a room in your home
  5. Dress in an outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks
  6. Learn something new! Sign up for a class or a course (and do it)
  7. Exercise doing your favorite workout
  8. Make a list of all the BS you are hanging onto or tolerating & create a plan to reduce
  9. Go hang out with friends
  10. Stop complaining – seriously, the less you complain the better
  11. Choose activities that matter to you
  12. Acknowledge the doubts and fears and then show yourself how silly they are
  13. Get rid of the unspoken rules that limit you in every way
  14. Go out and flirt or flirt with your partner! Flirting is like one of the best feel good activities. Let those sparks fly baby.
  15. Have a chat with someone you trust who can give you some perspective.
  16. Trust the gut! Your intuition doesn’t steer you wrong. Ever!
  17. Ask for help and delegate!
  18. Stop comparing your journey to someone else’s!
  19. Stop overthinking and overanalyzing!
  20. Find the happiness within you, not outside of you!
  21. Fall in love with yourself and become your own best friend.
  22. Be willing to take a risk!
  23. Focus on your vision to help you through the actions that feel challenging!
  24. Spend the day cleaning your home.
  25. Give yourself a pep talk in the mirror!
  26. Acknowledge something you love about yourself.
  27. Smile and smile often.
  28. Know your strength and weaknesses and be willing to learn more.
  29. Make success and expectation!
  30. Trust yourself and that you are capable of figuring it all out.
  31. Be open to receiving compliments.
  32. Keep a positivitiy journal! Write about all the good and amazing things in your life.
  33. Have good posture! When you sit up straight and walk tall, confidence follows.
  34. Practice daily gratitude.
  35. Give compliments without expectation.
  36. Speak up and use your voice.
  37. Visualize yourself in the way you want to feel and act.
  38. Create motto’s to help you keep focused.
  39. Practice affirmations.
  40. Help someone.
  41. Set boundaries that support you.
  42. Look at everyone as your peer not your competition.
  43. Self-employed? Change your environment to another location for a day.
  44. Initiate conversation and keep talking to new people.
  45. Find role models that inspire and motivate you.
  46. Fake it until you become it. This is about you tricking your brain!
  47. Know your values
  48. Acknowledge what you can or cannot control
  49. Have a daily mindset practice.
  50. Keep an acknowledgement log of all the things you took action on every day
  51. Develop a better opinion about yourself
  52. Reduce the negativity committee in your head
  53. Brainstorm possible solutions to a problem, pick one and take action.
  54. Learn from mistakes and move on.
  55. Unplug as often as you need to in order to destress and reduce overwhelm
  56. Get excited about your dreams and the possibilities
  57. Show compassion to yourself
  58. Set small goals and achieve them
  59. Behave in the way you want to be
  60. Do what you love and do it often
  61. Reframe the stories in your head as often as possible and necessary
  62. Let go of perfectionsim.
  63. Stop engaging in avoidance.
  64. Only appologize for things you had a hand in.
  65. Engage in volunteer work.
  66. Stop hanging out with peopke who bring you down.
  67. Surround yourself with people who build you up.
  68. Make eye-contact with people
  69. Get out into nature
  70. Have a dance party with your favorite tunes
  71. Create a morning ritual
  72. Choose foods that make you feel good
  73. Make a difference in someone’s life
  74. Be open to becoming more aware about self and your surroundings
  75. Own that you are self-reliant
  76. Become child-like in your life and being
  77. Stop falling into the pit of conformity in order to avoid chaos
  78. Validate yourself and reduce the need to be validated by others
  79. Be assertive (not passive aggressive)
  80. Embrace your imagination
  81. Commit to how you want to show up and act that way – just don’t be a douche
  82. Stop putting yourself down!
  83. Acknowledge your potential.
  84. Your parents confidence is NOT your confidence
  85. Start being responsible for your own life.
  86. Create a wall of confidence. Get those stickies out!
  87. Read books on personal development.
  88. Feel the fear but do it anyway.
  89. Embrace ‘I am’, ‘I will’, ‘I can” statements as often as possible
  90. Say yes as often as possible
  91. Starve the negativity gremline as often as possible
  92. Watch empowering videos on YouTube
  93. Make a list of people who you think are confident. Write out what that looks like.
  94. Clarify your intentions and set goals.
  95. Make a list of all your skills and talents.
  96. Acknowledge where you have played the victim. Choose a new role.
  97. Have fun and a lot of it.
  98. Take up a hobby and practice it often, like a child.
  99. Practice forgiveness and love often.
  100. Embody this phrase: I am willing to release the past and live fully in the present.

One of the best ways to feel confident however is to take consistent action towards one goal. And you can do this in the From Thought to Action Goal Challenge!


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