5 Tips for Writing Emails that Get Sales

Mar 23, 2022Business, Marketing

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As a business owner, do you send out emails regularly to your subscribers? Are you nurturing your list and building a trusting relationship with them?

Believe it or not, sending emails is still one of the most effective marketing strategies. You have tried it but didn’t get results? Maybe you didn’t apply it the right way. Many brands still send out emails, and they achieve tremendous results. Here are some of the tips they apply.

1. Pique Interest with your Subject Line

People don’t read all the emails that hit their inboxes. They decide right from the subject line whether they’ll open that notice or delete it. That’s why the subject of the email has to be intriguing and eye-catching. How do you make a subject line stand out? First, you must keep your audience in mind and understand their common pain points.

For instance, as a life coach, you want to teach people how to manage the fear of failure. You could use a subject line like “How to conquer the fear that has held you back for years” or “The conquest of fear is the beginning of success – Conquer yours now.”

Of course, not everyone will read the email, but it will resonate with a particular set of people in that position. It’ll pique their interest. They’re likely to read the email, digest it, and take the requested action.

Also, generally, emails with the following subject lines arouse interest more:

  • How to achieve…
  • Little known facts about…
  • # simple tips to…Can you relate to this…

Also, research the most searched keywords related to your business and weave the keywords into your subject lines.

2. Match the right offer with your audience

You can’t be everything to everyone; it’s impossible and in the end, you’ll be spread so thin that nobody will be served because you’re trying to help too many people. This is why coaches need to choose a niche to help and really understand their audience.

Only well-targeted offers will make subscribers clients. Your offer needs to make sense to them and should offer a solution to a common problem they have. Create your products and programs with your audience in mind and you’ll have few problems recruiting new customers. Subscribers read emails because they feel there’s something in it for them. So, your offer should give value to your audience.

3. Tell an interesting story

Everyone loves to read stories. Put your storytelling skills to use by weaving your story around the product or service that you’re promoting. Stories will linger in the readers’ memories longer than promotional pieces. Think of the overweight kid who became a bodybuilder who then became a health coach. THAT story is inspirational and relates to the audience’s problem with motivation. This story will help sell that coach’s healthy nutrition group coaching program.

Stories also make your prospects more comfortable to approach you. However, there should be a logical link between the story and what you’re promoting. Otherwise, prospects will read your story and still not take your desired action.

4. Provide social proof

Buyers are smarter now but also more skeptical, so it takes more than words to convince them to buy. Talk is cheap; you need real testimonials to make them believe in your offer. However, never put up doctored reviews. Don’t underestimate the intelligence of this generation of buyers. Nothing kills a brand faster than being called out for fake reviews.

5. Cut the fluff

Humans have a short attention span so be concise. Get straight to the point. Don’t bore your subscribers halfway through your email. If they have to stop reading any of your newsletters, they’re likely to follow with an unsubscribe request.

Re-examining your email marketing strategy will help boost your conversion rate. Follow up with educational emails as well as entertaining emails that show your personality a bit. Portray yourself as a real person instead of a brand and immediately you become more approachable and likeable, which will lead to more sales.

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