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Aug 31, 2019Music Corner

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What happens when east meets west? They come together to build a powerhouse of a radio station. Hellfire Radio is the brainchild of Scoops + Mischief! The Duo has a passion for all things that involve Horror and Heavy Metal.

At the beginning of the year, I interviewed Kevin from FYM Reacts, who now is part of Hellfire Radio station. And this is where east meets west – bringing everyone together for the ultimate power internet radio station worldwide!!!

Hellfire Radio

I’m always a big fan of people who take a dream and run with it. The station started in June 2019 and already has the Facebook page has grown to over 8,000 people – which means that they are onto something great. And frankly, it’s pretty impressive to get those many likes in such a short time.

They currently have several things going on such as:

I don’t know about where you are, but where I live solid radio stations that play the heard, unheard, valued and undervalued isn’t really a thing. More often than not, they play the big leagues – which Hellfire Radio does as well – but what I love about them is that they bring in their personalities into Facebook Live and talk about some of the smaller bands that would probably go unnoticed otherwise.

And this is the thing that stands out for me – even if you are not into horrorcore but you like your heavy metal just the same – you learn about new bands who are absolutely incredible. It’s like a hidden cave of gems never seen before.

So if you have a passion for all things spooky, hard rock, heavy metal, and horrorcore then this is the radio station and Facebook page for you!


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