Voxer Coaching Contract

Congratulations! You have just made an incredible commitment to yourself, your life, and your business! During our time together we will work together to clear any blocks and resistances to what is currently holding you back in your business and give advice, steps, and ideas to help you move forward. I am here to help you, support you, help you stay accountable, and give you advice and feedback. We’ll be using Voxer as our main form of communication with the occasional email for documents as needed! Everything that we discuss is within your power and control, and acting on our session will determine the best results!

Here’s the quick and dirty of the agreement: “I understand and agree that I am individually responsible for my life, my business, and my choices. I am seeking assistance, advice, clarity, and guidance – but the actual results are up to me. I understand that absolutely no refunds are given if and if I’ve chosen the 12 monthly payment plan I agree to make those payments. I agree to be coachable, be open to change, take action, and hold myself in integrity. By paying for the sessions, I have agreed to these terms.”


Entered into and effective as of the date of purchase.
The Rebels Den/Petra Monaco as “Coach”,
Client known as “Client”
Collectively, all of the above people or businesses entering this Agreement will be referred to as the “Parties”.


Client wishes to hire Coach to provide services relating to Client’s coaching needs, as detailed in this Agreement. Coach has agreed to provide such services according to the terms of this Agreement.

By purchasing the Services, Client agrees to the following terms of this Agreement.



Package: The client chooses Coach’s Voxer Coaching Package

Services: Coach shall provide Client with the following services on a one-time basis (“Services”):

  • Unlimited Coaching Monday – Friday between 10 am to 4 pm
  • The coach will respond within 24-36 hours

Cost: The total cost (“Total Cost”) for all Services is Depending on the Purchased Package

Collections: Coach reserves the right to collect any and all monies owed from Client by whatever means Coach deems necessary. Client shall pay for any costs Coach incurs to collect such costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees and collection agency costs.

Coach’s Requests for Client’s Participation in Services:

  • Refunds are at the Coach’s discretion and not guaranteed if you cancel a call or fail to show up.
  • Be honest and participate fully. Recognize that our sessions are a safe place to look at what you really want, and what it will take to make it happen.
  • Make a commitment to the action plans you create, and do what you have agreed to do.
  • Understand that the power of the coaching relationship can only be granted by you, and commit to making the relationship powerful. If you see that the coaching is not working as you desire, communicate and take action to return the power to the relationship.

Petra Monaco

The Rebels Den