The Rebels Den Philantrophy​

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The Rebels Den believes in supporting causes that make a difference in the world and in local communities.

We are committed to conducting business in socially responsible and ethical manners. We recognize our responsibility to contribute positively and fully believe in giving back.

Since we are just at the beginning of our journey we don’t have any fancy and awesome reports to give yet but we are going to highlight non-profits through blog posts in raising awareness for different causes around the world. 

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I’ll be transparent, I don’t know how much or how often we’ll contribute to each of these organizations. We are just getting started in our mission and we understand that business takes time to grow. But this is part of our mission and vision and a fundamental value we want to incorporate from day one.

The hope and the goal is to be able to share reports on a quarterly basis with our readers. Transparency and integrity are at the core of our business.

If there’s an organization you would like featured on our blog, please email us.  

If you work for a non-profit and think they feature is a good fit, please contact us.