Inspirational Messages about life + a coloring book

Nov 15, 2019Inspiration

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Do you look for inspirational messages about life? Do you like want to feel more positive every day to help you get through difficult times?

Sometimes we could all use some small reminders that the work we b=put in every day, will indeed pay off.

When I need a bit more inspiration or positivity, I tap into my creative side. The thing is, life isn’t always smooth filled with rainbows. For most of my life until about my thirties, I was of the mindset nothing good would ever happen to me.

The crazy thing is those good things had already happened and I just didn’t see them. I have three amazing boys (yes I’m biased) but when I think about them, they are individuals with their own belief system. Nope, I don’t always agree but it’s not my place to tell them how to live their own life.

My place, however, is to tune into myself and share what I feel in my heart with you – and the rest of the world.

I used to be so focused on the money I didn’t have in my life, I didn’t see the love I had.

I was so focused on the career I didn’t have when I didn’t see that I was already well on my way to doing the work I am meant to do.

Now my focus is to share inspirational messages about life with you – whether it’s writing about my own struggles or simply on how you could move through the other side.

inspirational messages about life coloring pages

Something that has helped me over the years, is drawing and coloring to affirm my own message to myself.

I decided that I would create a coloring book with those pages and born was the Be, Do, Have Coloring book containing small affirmations to tap into feeling more positive about my life and about the things you want to be, do and have.

When you set out to go after your dreams + goals, your mind can either make you or break you and by connecting with positive words you can train your brain from a negative state to a bit more of a positive one.

This is just a part of my own personal toolbox to keep the focus on my mission and I believe you can benefit from it as well!


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