I’ve been in business full-time since 2015 and one of the things I didn’t implement early on was a way to track my time and manage my projects. Everything was tracked via pen and paper and as much as I love writing down all the things, from a business perspective it wasn’t really ideal. It’s why I am glad I found Dubsado and loving the

One of my money making activities is being a freelancing virtual assistant. I like quick projects that won’t take up too much time and are definitely short-term – although my clients stay with me long-term.

In other words, they send me a job that needs to get done, I handle it and voila finished and then I invoice them. Because of I work with an hourly rate (on purpose) and break everything down by the minute – I needed something that could track my time more efficiently and then translate this time towards an invoice. I also wanted to add my clients to the platform because having something that keeps track of all the things – really helps me stay more organized.

That’s why I jumped on the Dubsado Train before it was too late.

Which as a multi-passionate creative and tech person can at times be challenging. Focusing on one business just isn’t really my jam when I have multiple skills that can create an income. And it makes tax time just a smidgen easier!

And now that they’ve rolled out a scheduling feature, it’s allowed me to remove not only a business expense but another platform I don’t have to log into. I can’t wait how far they’ll take the service they provide and how will will continue to serve me in business.

If you’re looking for a CRM and Project Management Tool, check Dubsado out!