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Jan 19, 2020Blogging

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A bullet journal can help you if you, like me have tried a lot of different ways to map out content for the month. Confession: I am a journal junkie, and I like it! And trying to find the right planner for goal setting and content development can feel overwhelming. I have used Evernote and online editorial calendars but none of them really seem to help me manage my batching of time and connect all the dots until I decided to give the Bullet Journal another try.

I have attempted to use the Bullet Journal for monthly planning before but didn’t stick with it as something was still amiss for me. There is an aspect that is time-consuming but in a world where I am trying to manage my time effectively and efficiently, I need a planner to help me stay focused on the important things as well as manage my content development.


And all I have done is taken my journal and added individual days of the month going down the line and wrote the umbrella topic. Having that brief outline for each day, helps me stay on top of the things I want to write about and create some kind of organization within my own chaos.

Having that brief outline for each day, helps me stay on top of the things I want to write about and create some kind of organization within my own chaos.

I have this page for every month and took the time to set up my entire year this way and I must tell you that my time to write has been more efficient.

This process may not work for everyone but I thought I’d share with you, how I manage to stay on to of everything.

And there are a ton of bullet journal templates and ideas you can use for yourself, just head over to Pinterest and type in bullet journal and you may get overwhelmed a bit. But I discovered that with all the planners out there in the world, a personalized done by yourself bullet journal can help you stay more organized.

Head over to Pinterest so you can get some ideas and inspiration and then sit down and do the following:

  • Decide on your needs to help you have some structure.
  • Play around with a scrap piece of paper to see what feels good to you.
  • Get yourself a journal if you don’t have one already.
  • Start mapping out your content for the year and/or the month.

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  1. Monica

    I’ve been really intrigued by bullet journaling for a while now. Thank you for sharing some more details about it!

    • Petra

      You’re welcome!



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