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Advertising is open to all artists, bloggers + writers, coaches, energy healers, and creative entrepreneurs. The Rebels Den is interested in products or services that support the arts but also help people go after their own dreams + goals to live a life they don’t need a vacation from. In addition, we are a socially responsible company and welcome any organization that helps the world be a better place.

All advertisements in the forms of banners and if want to advertise, message me with a short description of what you want to promote including links to your website and social media.

Sponsored Posts:

I accept sponsored posts if they fit the overall theme of my niche and blog.  I will disclose that it is a sponsored post, according to FCC regulations, and use no-follow links.  $100 each.

Please send your completed post of 500 or more words to Petra for approval through the contact form. (No graphics needed.)

Newsletter Advertising:

I will include your ad in my newsletter of over 500+ subscribers. 4 campaigns for $40.

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