Where To Find Your Role Models And Inspirations

Mar 3, 2022Inspiration

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There are a lot of different ways to improve your motivation. It can come from your own goals and your visions of an ideal future. It can come from the news of recent innovations. But it often comes from examples you can follow, the people that can serve as your role models. But, where do you find these role models? Here are a few places to look for the exceptional and the motivational.

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Look around you first and foremost

If you’re in a community that has a growing or even thriving business sector, then you’re almost certainly going to be able to find role models around you. Start by looking at the business owners and entrepreneurs that you might be able to meet in things like networking groups or business conferences and trade shows around you. Keep an eye out for those who are doing things differently, taking thought leadership positions, and gaining traction. Aside from finding someone that you can emulate, you might even be able to make something of a mentor out of them with tips from sites like https://articles.bplans.com/. This can allow you directly tap into that inspiration and gain the wisdom that often comes with it.

Look outside of the business world

You don’t have to keep your eyes solely on those who are working in the business world. If you’re looking for examples of drive, discipline, and dedication, first and foremost, then sports individuals are great examples to follow. Sites like https://sportnews.in/ can help you stay up to date with the latest and greatest in their different fields. You can take the mantras and successes that come from different fields to apply to your own work. Often, true innovation comes when you start looking outside of your own box, so finding role models and inspirational individuals who are outside of it can be a good idea as well.

The role model who’s not a role model

Role models are not just positive examples that you should follow. They are people that you can learn from, examples of all kinds. After all, if you’re in business for long enough, then you know that things go wrong all the time, and they can easily go wrong for you if you don’t learn the right lessons quickly enough. The anti-role model, as explained in an article at https://medium.com/, serves that purpose. There are people that you should learn from by paying attention to the mistakes that they make. If there’s a story of loss that catches your interest, dig into it, and see where it all went wrong. You can take just as much inspiration in how to run your own business from that.

The important thing about role models is that you invest in their success, but don’t get too attached to the idea of them. You can emulate, but not copy them. In the end, they should be aspirational and inspirational, but they shouldn’t be everything you want to be in your own life, you need to make your own path.


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