Are you a fan of both reading and journaling? If so, starting a reading journal is perfect for you! This allows you to write in a journal and incorporate the books you are reading or want to read at the same time.

One of my biggest challenges is remembering what books I’ve already read – not so much on the non-fiction books but found that keeping a reading journal has advantages that I am going to share below. But I don’t know how many times I downloaded a book just to realize I already read that.

Use Your Bullet Journal

Reading journals can definitely be done in any regular journal, but they are especially useful for a bullet journal. This way, you have a handy list that keeps track of books to be read or ones you have already read, and you can access the page simply in your journal. Don’t forget to leave space for all the books you want to read, and add it to your bullet journal’s table of contents.

List Books to Be Read

To start with, choose a section of the journal for the reading portion, and add a list of all the books you want to read. You might want to look back on this later to keep adding more. For now, you can start with books you already have at home that have not been read, then start venturing out to bestsellers, or classics you have always wanted to try but haven’t gotten around to yet.

Keep Track of Books Read

The next step is gradual, which includes crossing off or checking off the books as you read them. This not only keeps track of ones left to be read, but it lets you see how far you have come. If you have a goal for reading a number of books in a year or whichever time you choose, this is a really easy way to keep track of the total number. Plus, you can share it on social media and swap stories about books you have read, turning it into a type of digital book club.

Continue Updating the List

Remember to keep adding more books! You will get to the point where you have read them all, so keep looking around, getting recommendations, checking online book stores, and finding used books at thrift stores. There are so many ways to find out about new books that you can keep adding to your list.

Add Notes About the Books

One more thing that might be fun to do with a reading journal is adding little notes or mini reviews about each book. This can be done in a bullet journal or a traditional journal, depending on how much you actually want to write about them.

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