A few weeks ago, I wrote about how you could use your journal for a health reset. Today I want to share with you about the lifestyle tracker I created it!


  • Title Page
  • 4-Step Process Overview
  • Meal + Exercise Tracker
  • Journal Review

Any time I lead a workshop and we get to the section of healthy eating, people feel overwhelmed. Yes, of course we all want to be healthy and eat well, but creating change isn’t the easiest thing on the planet.

Part of your journey in this life, is to find what works for you – from nutrition to exercise! Not everything works for everyone but one thing I think that may apply to al lis to do things in moderation. After gaining a bunch of wait due to stress and unhealthy eating, I was ready to take back control. I explored different ways of eating with one mission: I didn’t want to sacrifice my coffee or my chocolate an I had zero issues upping my exercise game.

The lifestyle tracker has an overview of what the steps are to track what you are eating but also what you are feeling. Sometimes we eat because of emotional reasons and not because we are hungry. This is why there’s a journal page included because you will find what works, patterns of why you at and all the reasons you are eating or even not eating.

One key element that we talk about in the workshops is to do one change at a time and not more. So if you want to reduce the candy you are eating, replace it with something such as fruit. Making small substitution at a time can make the path to a healthier you a bit easier. The lifestyle tracker can help you stay on top of it all.

And when it comes to exercise, you’re not going to run a marathon right a way – if running is your thing, so just walking around the block or doing a mile or two a few days a week will have a much higher pay off and reduce injury.

So if you’re ready to track your nutrition and exercise, then the Lifestyle tracker is for you!

Petra Monaco

Petra Monaco

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