I love music and in my younger days (6-13 years of age) I was playing the recorder in front of audiences practicing daily to perfect the sound that a recorder can make from all things classical to modern rock and pop of the ’80s.

At 13 I discovered Heavy Metal and the like and while I no longer perform, music is still a huge part of my personal life and has helped me through some really dark days and in general conveys how I feel when the spoken word fails me.

In 2019 I leaped into going to local shows, not only sharing my own experiences but interviewing those who were willing – and I have only once experienced for someone to not participate. In 2019 I attended 25+ shows (local and not so local) to support the music scene.

Although I live in Central Virginia, it’s not unheard of to find me in North Carolina, Tennessee or D.C. area or West Virginia to attend a show. And I am always willing to travel further when I can swing it – however anything beyond 300 miles will require expenses covered!

With that said, want me to know about an event I should show up at and do a review and some interviews with the local artist?

Use the contact form to connect with me!

Kent, Mark and Matt from Seasons out of Richmond, VA

Tell me about the music event you think I should check out!

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