5 Reasons Why Starting a Monthly Club
is Your Key to Income Growth

Ready to join the trend and tap into endless amounts of clients and income?


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  • Why you need to end giving away your expertise for free and instead leverage your know-how in a paid monthly club
  • Why you should have a low-end club offering and how to upsell to your big-ticket programs
  • Why the free group you’ve been running may not be working in your favor after all
  • Why you need to have a recurring monthly income and not solely rely on private 1:1 clients
  • Why a monthly club can be a vital source for recurring income

Let’s face it, even as a coach with high-end offerings, you’re still trading dollars for hours day in and day out.

What if you could tap into the potential of a low-maintenance monthly club that brings you in recurring income every single month?

How about a steady stream of clients, passive income from your other offerings, and the stress-less business flow you deserve? It’s possible, trust me.

I will share my income-getting secrets with you and walk you through why starting a monthly club may be the perfect solution for you to end your dollar-for-hour coaching struggle and maximize both your time and income.

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