When will it stop?

May 29, 2020Social Responsibility

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Every time I’ve been signing onto social media, another Person of Color has lost their life, another Immigrant has been targeted with a hate attack. When will it stop?

I’m afraid for my granddaughters.

I’m afraid for my friends.

I am afraid of every Person of Color.

I’ve been exploring my thoughts and feelings and the way I was raised – in Germany Post WW2, immigrating to another country, and acknowledge racism has been around me my entire life – and so has my privilege.

I have been referred to being a Nazi – simply because I was born and raised in Germany and part of me wonders if they were trying to get some brownie points of some kind – like I don’t even know. I dove into research about racism in Germany and I am appalled at the underlying systematic racism I was raised in.

But this post isn’t about that… this post is about the People of Color who are dying every damn day, who are in fear of stepping out of their house unsure if they are making it home alive.

In California a woman chose to handwrite letters to Asian-American Immigrants and tell them to get out of this country. This is not something I will ever experience as a white woman. In Texas a woman approached a couple with a hammer. In Minnesota, riots are happening because of the lack of action by authority and more are popping up in the US.

Because of white people

Because of the systematic racism

Because of those that think they hold the power

Because of those that believe they are kings

Because of fill in all the reasons of why People of Color die every fucking day.

While I may not understand the hate, I see my privilege. No one is going to tell me to go home to my country … why because I am white. They wouldn’t even know where I am from unless I tell them. No one is going to attack me while jogging through a neighbor hood or walking through a park.

We have go to do better because I know this …

if People of Color go on capital grounds to protest, there’ll be an attack while white men do this and get way with this.

if People of Color go on a run for exercise they will die because someone thinks they have the right to be judge, jury and executioner

if People of Color go walk in a park requesting for someone to follow the leash laws, they are going to get the cops called on them

if People of Color go have a BBQ at a local pack, they are going to get the cops called on them for hanging out together

if People of Color sit in their homes watching TV they will die when warrants are served on the wrong home

if People of Color walk down the street they will be looked at like they are a criminal every god damn time and white people are wondering if they are safe – well screw you because People of Color are wondering every second of the day if they in fact will see another day.

We have got to do better.

We have to step in and step it up.

We have to confront racism and call it out.

We have to support those who stand up for the rights of People of Color so they can stop dying in the street because of a white person feeling superior.

And if you can’t see any of this, your privilege card is showing.

I will be highlighting organizations in my Awareness Section of this blog moving forward but in the meantime show your support to these organizations. Stay informed and truly become an ally.

Black Lives Matter

 National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls


United Negro College Fund

 Black Youth Project 100

Color of Change

The Sentencing Project

A New Way of Life


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