Ride the Wave of Inspiration

In the last 20 years, I created a lot of things! Ideas come to me and when they excite me enough I Ride the Wave of Inspiration!

  • 5 books – one of them I had the idea and it was published 2 weeks later
  • 4 coloring books – usually takes me about a month for 30 pages
  • Planners, workbooks, journals
  • Training + Courses
  • Videos + Podcast
  • 1000+ blog posts
  • 1000+ works of art
  • Created a single blog with a year’s worth of content in a week
  • Building a website in a day for myself or clients
  • Earned my Master’s while simultaneously while my son was fighting for his life
  • Hosted several Summits – the first one, I secured and recorded 25 interviews and was live within 6 weeks

And I have been doing all of that because I want to and by sitting myself in the chair and doing the work!

I get ideas all the time, some of them excite me like mad, other’s not so much. But the ones that have me buzzing with energy, I ride that wave all the way to the end and release it!

I don’t really know how many waves of inspiration I’ve had and saw them through but here’s how this usually happens.

I get an idea, take it for a spin in my head and marinate on it, for example, The Journal Eclipse Blog – as indicated it’s all about journaling which means all of the topics are within that theme.

  • Day 1 – I spend 16 hours finding a WordPress theme, found one I loved, installed it, and got all of the pages set up in a few hours.
  • Days 2 through 4 I spend 12-14 hours writing 52 blog posts and scheduled them to be published every week.
  • Day 5-7 I created planners, journals, and things that I could set up in a shop, again following along with them.

This is pretty much how I do everything, working around all of the other things I have going on in my life.

It’s a little insane but also incredibly effective for every big project I’ve done.

I get the idea, I ride the wave and release it.

You’re here because you are ready to ride that wave!

It does not need to be perfect and in fact, it’s probably going to be messy.

This is not a competition that will receive any kind of award.

You just need to show up for it and allow yourself to ride that wave!

If you are doubting yourself right now, know this:

  • Your art needs to be made and released into the world.
  • Your stories need to be told and shared with the world.
  • Your gifts and talents need to be out in the open!

It’s time that you sit down and do what you’re called to do, even if it has errors and even if you get distracted. No more putting it off for another day!

While breaking things done can be helpful, it can actually get in the way of getting it done.

Why because, well if you’re like me, long-term goals are boring as hell, and odds yare the interest and the momentum are lost.

But riding that wave from start to finish makes everything just so much easier and you get to enjoy the rest when it’s all said and done!

Do you know what happens when you wait until the right time and everything is perfect?


  • The business you want
  • The book you want to write
  • The art you want to create
  • The people you want to help
  • The career you want

There will be no movement towards any of it. It’s just a pile of ideas nagging you, wondering when you will take the leap to trust yourself and go with the flow of your ideas and intuition.

Riding that wave is exciting and filled with joy. It helps you get things done!

Here’s how I see it:

Your dreams and ideas that come to you, well they are meant for you. It’s your responsibility to lean into that space, learn from it and allow yourself to ride that wave.

  • It’s about tapping having faith, and trusting yourself.
  • It’s about feeling a bit crazy but amazing all at the same time.
  • It’s about leaning into your own creativity and allowing it to unfold.

What will you create?

This is it, the moment you’ve been waiting for.

It’s time to ride the wave and finish what you want to create!

  • Don’t hold back.
  • Do not wait until the perfect moment.
  • Don’t wait for permission.
  • Don’t wait for validation.
  • Don’t wait until the stars are aligned.

Instead, go and create it until its done and release it into the world

Get on that wave of inspiration and ride it all the out to the beach.

You have one job and this is it! It’s time that you Ride the Wave of Inspiration!

About the author

Petra Monaco is an artist, author, and professional problem solver for creatives, rebels, and multi-passionates.

She is here to help you remove frustration from your life and achieve your creative dreams with more ease and confidence.

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