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Jun 8, 2022Rebel Shine Summit

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Here’s the Rebel Shine Summit Speaker Schedule I’ve been sharing with you this past week! We are kicking it off on June 13th bright and early! All of the conversations will be available for 48 hours for participants to watch and listen to! 

From June 13 until June 24, the Rebel Shine Summit will bring you, world-class experts, that share their biggest strategies to help you get unstuck wherever you are right now so that your life and business can sustain you while you create change in this world.

Each of our speakers will also be sharing a gift for you to explore how you can connect and work with them a bit deeper.

Rebel Shine Summit Gifts

If you are tired of being stuck and are looking to create a clear path in your life.

If you are trying to balance family, work, and self only to collapse at the end of the day, exhausted.

If you are ready to eliminate procrastination and overwhelm and go after your big dreams!

If you are ready to reduce the mind chatter that gets in the way of creating change in your life.

I brought together amazing people who are in this world to guide, coach, motivate and support you in the journey we call life.

Every speaker is here to share information that can help you shift your life and business today!

I fully believe that when we come together as a community,  we’re so much stronger than we are alone.

Here’s the Summit Speaker Schedule:

June 13 – Day 1 

Andrea Frey – Taking the right action when life is chaotic 

Jennifer Regular – It’s time to end imposter syndrome 

June 14 – Day 2 

Peter J. van Twuyver – overcoming fear to create change 

Deborah Knight – Mindset Mastery 

June 15 – Day 3 

Lucille Roache – staying motivated even when you don’t see results 

Melissa Hickok – empower yourself to get unstuck 

June 16 – Day 4 

Dr Sundardas – Design your own rebellion 

Lisa Friedt – Get Unstuck

June 17 – Day 5

Beryl Hunter Lewis – tap into self-encouragement 

Stacey – Get unstuck and be clear about your path 

June 18 – Day 6 

Lisa Garside – how everything is connected to pain

Kaluwa Ghalikar – Increase your worthiness + show pu in your life 

June 19 – Day 7 

Gurutje k Khalsa – The right tools for success 

Lindsey Rainwater – getting unstuck by embracing the spirit 

June 20 – Day 8 

Heather Katz – find your own health and fitness for you 

Amy – Be Brave

Allana Pratt – Cultivate an intimate relationship with yourself 

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