Ready to crush your goals? Think about what was your life like 10 years ago? 

In 2010, I was working my handmade business part-time, in a full-time job, in college, raising children and tending to my youngest son that was waiting on another liver transplant. And now I run The Rebels Den where I get to interview and meet amazing people, support creatives in following their dreams and focusing on their goals and my handmade business creating art consistently while managing all things life.

When I think about how much my life has changed in the past decade, I’m excited that we’re about to enter a whole new decade. 

And I don’t know about you, but I continue to have some massive goals for the next 10 years. But to crush those goals, I have to make 2020 a success first.

Maybe you’ve been…

💠 Putting off your 1st-course launch…

💠 Meaning to focus on growing your list…

💠 Wanting to start or grow your Facebook community…

Or, maybe you have a running to-do list filled with ideas you haven’t gotten around to yet.

Whether you aren’t exactly sure how to bring your ideas to life or you’ve simply been putting these things off, it’s important to remember, you can’t accomplish anything if you don’t take action.

I want to help you jumpstart 2020 so at this time next year, you have a totally brag-worthy business (and I want to help you for free).

Ready to crush your 2020 goals?

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