Rebels Handbook – Start a Service Business


Have you ever wanted to start a service business but you don’t even know where to begin?

This guide was created for to help you finally ditch the excuse of “I don’t know how” to “oh I’m in business now!” 

Getting started with a business is as complicated or easy as you make it and with this guide you get the steps to get started today!   

The Rebel’s Handbook to start a business will help you discover the core reason of why you want to share your work and dive into who your people are that you are helping!


In this 59-page guide, you’ll find: 

  • Your Vision
  • Passion, Skills, Strength
  • Legalities + Finance Matters
  • Website Legalities
  • Your Services + Pricing + Target market
  • Email Marketing
  • Goal Setting + Planning
  • Dealing with Challenges
  • Monthly + Weekly Planner Pages
  • Progress Review
  • Tips for your Small Business

Ready to start a service business? Add the Rebels Guide to your cart and start your business today.

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