Rebel State of Mind



Get into the Rebel State of Mind and shift the way you think and show up in the now can help you make it through moments that are filled with stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. They are a part of life and can be short-lived if you’re willing to dig and get back on track to be in your life not outside of it.

The challenge however is that those feelings can come back (and often will time and again) and become overwhelming and even interfere with living the life you want. and I am a firm believer that it’s time to stop giving in to the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty and take control of what you can.

The course is organized into four modules. In the first two, we deal with how to change your mindset to focus on the now, addressing the two major barriers to overcome stress: living outside the present time and thinking too much. Then we can deal with the stress and in the final module, we’ll see how healthy positive habits will help you stay on track from now on. In addition, you will receive weekly emails (for a year) to help you shift your mindset and community support in a private group.

If you’re ready to kick stress, anxiety, and uncertainty to the curb and start living a more fulfilled life, this course is designed for you.

Enroll today so that you can learn to live in the now and understand why that’s a key to a full life! 

Some of the topics I cover:

  • What it means to ‘live in the now’ and why you should do it.
  • 21 ways to start living in the now.
  • How to become more mindful.
  • How overthinking can produce positive results
  • 28 ways to embrace overthinking
  • How stress and anxiety affect the mind, body, and spirit
  • Techniques for reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Habits to practice daily for less stress.
  • Habits to adopt that will help you connect with the present moment.
  • Weekly emails for a year to help you shift your mindset

If you are ready to reduce your stress and anxiety while learning to live in the moment, sign up for this course now.


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