Plan Your Automated Webinar 




Plan Your  Automated Webinar and add another stream of income to your business in just one weekend!

Download this 37-page planner to launch your webinar this weekend!

If you’re looking for another stream of income to add to your business, creating a series of automated webinars may be the answer. As with any form of passive income, you do the work upfront but then reap the rewards for years to come

With an automated webinar, you will be earning money while focusing on other matters like your family or hobbies. Get this planner with checklists, exercises, worksheets, and a step-by-step plan to build your passive income webinar strategy.

  • Step 1: What Irresistible Paid Offer Will Your Webinar Preview?
  • Step 2: Price That Powerful Paid Offer Strategically!
  • Step 3: Forge a Clear Connection Between Your Free Webinar and Paid Offer
  • Step 4: Do Some Pre-Webinar Sleuthing
  • Step 5: Create an Email Funnel That Excites and Enthralls
  • Step 6: Give Your Webinar a Title They Can’t Ignore 
  • Step 7: Make a Foolproof Plan For Your Webinar Content   
  • Step 8: Pair Perfect Words With Gorgeous Visuals
  • Step 9: Cook Up a Killer Promo Plan for Your Webinar!

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