My Rebel Year – Listen to your Intuition


My Rebel Year – Listen to your Intuition is about learning and trusting yourself and give yourself permission to lead with heart and soul in addition to your head. My Rebel Year is a monthly magazine journal workbook filled with wisdom, inspiration, truth, and empowerment.

Included in this My Rebel Year – Listen to your Intuition issue:

Editor’s Note
The Rebels Den Manifesto
Road to Intuition
Coloring Page
3 Steps to Rediscovering your intuition
Not another Case of the Mondays
Herbal Bath Recipe for Intuition
Following your Intuition
Affirmation Printable
January Journal Prompts
Do you trust your intuition or question everything about it?
Journal about Intuition
Stop, Think, Do
Change your Mindset: Address Low Self-Confidence
Coloring Page
Your Questions Answered
Connect with Me + The Rebels Den

My Rebel Year is a monthly magazine journal workbook filled with wisdom, inspiration, truth, beauty and empowerment. Every Issue is focused on a specific theme and has a focus for you to dive deep into things because one thing I know for sure that you can do hard things when you must and when you want something so bad you can taste it you dig in your heels and show up. My Rebel Year is here for you to download and in each issue you’ll get inspiring quotes, articles, manifestos, journal questions to deep dive and navigate through our journey in 25-30 page designed pages.

If you struggle with taking action so that you can follow their dreams + focus on your goals so you can create the life they want, then My Rebel Year is for you! And I know from personal experience that it all starts with unlocking the clarity of what you want to be, do and have and open your mind to possibilities, and challenging yourself to remove obstacles that get in the way so you can be fearless in taking action.

My Rebel Year is designed for you to print out parts such as journal pages, quotes and coloring pages. This just a bit more than just a magazine because prompts make this more of a mini workbook with personal exploration to self-discovery so that you can move you forward with your own goals but keeping in mind all the moving parts of life too – helping you have incredible personal journey.

Side effects of the Rebel Year may be met with instant creativity, feelings of positivity and inspired action on dreams + goals.

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