My Rebel 2021 Goals


My Rebel 2021 Goals is a workbook + planner to help you set goals with heart, intuition and soul.

My Rebel Goals workbook + planner is here for you to create a reset and pause for a moment so you can develop the clarity you need and choose goals that excite you, make more space for self-love, develop habits that support you, your life and your dreams + goals and fuel your life with passion!

The techniques will help you not only shed what needs letting go but gives you space to dream bigger and create the space to follow your goals and, well, actually make some moves to make them happen. It’s not a magic pill because you still have to show up to do the work but it could be your secret weapon to stay on top of your rebel game!

Because it’s a true rebellion to stop doing life like everyone else and start living it according to your own commandments.

And the coolest part is that you can work through this workbook + planner any time of year to help you gets started to giving yourself permission to dream and start playing bigger to achieve your goals. Whoever decided that December – January is the only time to do any of this dreaming and scheming is too stuck to the rules of hardly ever making new decisions.

Let’s face it, some times we start working on a goal only to realize that a different goal has to take precedence and we have to course adjust and shift a bit. Or we just need a place to begin and the perfect time and moment is always NOW.

My Rebel 2021 Goals Workbook + Planner

  • Will guide you through the 3 R’s – Reflect, Review, Reset
  • Coloring pages to help you tune into yourself for  active meditation
  • Set your 2021 Intentions + Vision
  • Choose your Be, Do and Have Goals
  • Acknowledge the Habits to create and break for your success
  • Develop your own personal self-care routine that works for you
  • Monthly calendar template + journal pages
  • Acknowledge your Support Team, what you need/want to learn

Stop wondering who you will be, what you will do and what you are going to have in the next year and instead dream it, set your intentions and take action to make your dreams + goals come true.

So what qualifies me to help you create your Rebel Goals?

I am gifted in not ever fitting into a box – in fact – I live on the outskirts of the comfort zone.

In the last 17 years I have

  • written 5 books
  • created 4 coloring books
  • made and sold art
  • interviewed musicians + other creatives
  • helped clients to follow their dreams + goals
  • participated in summits + online giveaways

My life is filled with me being able to do what I want every day and not live by anyone else’s rules but my own. And My Rebel Goals Workbook + Planner is how I make it happen – year after year.


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