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One of the mistakes I made when I first launched my business, is to not grow my email list, and the moment I started focusing on doing just that, I now had an audience I could speak to. Because simply relying on website traffic or social media isn’t going to be enough if you want to grow your community, your email list, and your income.

You want to create something that makes sense to your people and that helps them and that can sometimes be a challenging starting point. Some ideas are better than others and it can take some time to find THE thing that will have people jump into your email list.

Learn how to add 100 new subscribers to your list in 30 days with this business planner by understanding what you need to attract them to your landing page and transform your website into a place for people to jump onto your list.

Learn how you can use webinars and social media to get in front of a new audience and finding joint ventures that make sense to you and your business.

Stay organized with your business marketing and administration tasks with business planning workbooks. Each PDF printable planning workbook is perfect for planning out how to add a minimum of 100 new subscribers to your new or existing list. The planning workbook guides you through all of the steps in adding new subscribers to your list. The kind of subscribers that want to hear from you!

grow your email listThis is a 31-page course creation workbook, 8.5 x 11, PDF, suitable for any business ready to grow their email list.  You can print the workbook as many times as you want and increase the subscribers for as many lists as you can. Make this part of your marketing habit where you focus on how to grow your email list because it isn’t just a one-time and done kind of thing when it comes to running and growing your business.

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