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One important part of growing any business is to always think ahead to what your ideal customer wants and needs from you. What are their biggest problems? How can you help solve those problems? What results can you help them achieve?

While your advice may be the best answer to their problems, not everyone can afford to pay for one-on-one coaching. Sometimes their schedules are so crazy they don’t even have 15 minutes to spare for a zoom call. And this way you can still be of service and people can get access to the content in a way that fits sinto their schedule as time allows.

In this planner, you’ll re-examine your target market and their needs as well as open up your creative mind to start brainstorming ideas for a course. Don’t overthink your answers and don’t edit yourself during the brainstorming phase. Put yourself in your target market’s shoes and dream big.

Also, don’t get discouraged or think creating products is too big an undertaking for you. Absolutely anyone can use their expertise and create a product for their market, and using these exercises as a blueprint will put you on that path to passive income quickly.

Step 1: Find a Topic That Makes Your WHOLE Tribe Crazy-Excited – You may love talking about X, but if your audience is far more interested in Y, then that’s where your course should focus. If you want to make a profit, focus on what your people will pay to learn!

Step 2: Hone in on Your Subject With Laser-Like Precision – Impromptu live streams can be fun, but if you want to reach your goals, it helps to have a script.

Step 3: Scope the Competition (and Plan to Knock ‘em Flat!) – Don’t forget to see what else is out there. If you’re planning a course on “how to start an amazing blog” and there are 900 other similar courses, you can still do it … but make sure yours is unique in some way.

Step 4: NOW Start Pondering Killer Names for Your Kick-Ass Course! – Until you’ve got an idea of your content, considering names is a waste of time. Now you’re ready to research and investigate.

Step 5: Talk About why This Course is a Guaranteed Game Changer – You can include all the flashy sales jargon you want on your course’s sales page but one thing remains true: People don’t buy your course, they buy the results you promise.

Step 6: Beta Test With Your Business Besties

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