Discover What Your Zone of Genius is



Discover What Your Zone of Genius is, you can create a Low-Stress, Highly Profitable Business that You Love

When you purchase, you’ll receive the workshop and workbook walking you step-by-step through how to pinpoint your unique Zone of Genius so you can make more money doing only work you love (read: make loads of cash without going crazy!)

Just imagine…

  • Waking up every morning genuinely excited to breeze through your To Do List
  • Only doing tasks that truly energize you–and leaving the soul-sucking tasks to others
  • Feeling fully present, alive and fulfilled each day by the work you do
  • Getting into flow, losing track of time and effortlessly creating incredible work that leads to more impact & income!

Sound like a dream? Here’s how we can make it real…

Step 1: The Ultimate Secret to Doing Highly-Paid Work You Love

Your Zone of Genius isn’t the only “zone” that affects your productivity, pleasure, and profit. In this step, you’ll learn all about the 4 main “Zones” each task in your business can fall into. This is foundational information that can change your business forever.

Step 2: Figure Out What Naturally Fills You Up & Tap Into More Flow, Fun and Funds!

Now that you’re crystal clear on what a Zone of Genius (and all its counterparts) actually are, it’s time to move onto nailing yours down.

Step 3: Pinpoint What Isn’t “Your Thing”–So You Can Finally Find What Is!

Struggling to find your Zone of Genius? It happens. Sometimes figuring out what you’re great at also requires taking a look at what you’re not so great at, too.

Step 4: Why You Shouldn’t Just “Stick with What You’re Good At” If You Want to Make MORE Cash–Without the Crash!

Now that you’re on your way to knowing your Zone of Genius, it’s time to make sure you don’t fall into the seemingly innocuous (but actually pretty vicious) “Zone of Excellence Trap.”

Step 5: Deliberately Shape Your Days for More Income & Less Overwhelm

Once you have a hyper-clear picture of what tasks truly bring you pleasure and fulfillment–and which ones definitely don’t–the real goal is to start bringing more of those joy-inducing tasks into your business.

Step 6: Delegate Like a Diva So You Can Cash in Like a CEO!

In our final step, you’ll learn how to start putting together an incredible, supportive and super-smart team that can do the things you don’t love (or want!) to do better, faster and more effectively than you ever could. (And thank goodness for that!)

Now, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this one last detail:

Living into your Zone of Genius is a process. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

But it’s also imperative if you want to skip the seemingly inevitable pitstop in Burnoutsville most coaches take–and if you want running your business to feel less like a chore and bore and more like the work you were born to do.

Of course, you always have a choice. You could keep trying to be all the things to all the people. You could keep doing everything in your business, from answering emails at 12 a.m. to creating quote images in Canva.

Or, you could check out this expertly-crafted training that will teach you everything you need to know about discovering & working in your Zone of Genius, so you can actually enjoy your work, your business and your life. (Not to mention, the number of zeros in your bank balance.)

Sign up today & get immediate access to this incredible training and the workbook for $19!


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