Create Your Rock Start Media Kit




You and I both know how great you are but how are you showing that to your audience? Do members of the media who need quotes or interviews with experts know about you or how to reach you? If you shrugged your shoulders to either of these questions, then it’s time to create a rock star media kit.

Years ago, the term “media kit” was reserved for magazines to publish their advertising rates along with the magazine’s stats, such as target demographics and number of subscribers, along with the following year’s editorial calendar. Today, media kits are a must-have item for any business owner wanting media exposure and to showcase their accomplishments to prospective clients and JV partners. All the elements of a media kit remain the same, the only difference is YOU are the focus instead of a magazine.

Don’t be intimidated by this process! I’ll walk you through each step of the process in this planner and some of the steps can be outsourced if you have a trusted virtual assistant on your team. But to avoid distractions, schedule some YOU time on the calendar this weekend to get a jumpstart on your media kit.

Inside the planner

  • Write a bio that’s magnetic and polished
  • Provide a snapshot of products and services
  • Know your stats and flaunt them
  • Have social proof and media mentions
  • Images that make an impact
  • Write amazing call to actions
  • Design with style
  • Keep it fresh and updated

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